Finding the Courage to Live Fiercely


If you’ve spent much time feeling like an outsider, you know exactly how lonely it can be.

For many of us, life as an outsider is all we’ve ever known. During childhood, we were the kids who were different, whatever “different” meant; and that awkward, bumbling kid feels it whenever we step out into our adult world today. Others of us felt invisible in our homes and with our families. Sometimes this meant existing in the shadows of our sisters or brothers who were values as smarter, prettier, or otherwise more deserving than we.

I refer to this collection of experiences as a sense of being cast out as “Other” in a society that doesn’t entirely accept, understand or respond to us or who we are; and in some cases even responds with hate toward some aspect of our being. At times, it’s utterly terrifying; while in others, it’s dark and isolating. In fact, moving through the world as “Other” is for many people one of almost constant fear of rejection, of re-experiencing its acute pain in life.

Our lives don’t have to be dictated by others’ rules for us, however.

What if I could teach you to live free of rules that don’t fit who you are, what you need? “Freedom” is, I realize, a terrifying concept for people who’ve never felt it. Follow me on the footsteps to the freedom. You get to choose what you do with what you learn along the way.

The journey to spiritual and emotional freedom is at the heart of my work as a counselor consultant, an educator, a writer, a speaker, and a professional coach. I work with each of my clients to draft a plan for your individual or work group’s needs. Poke around my site. Follow my work- my writings, my workshops, my keynotes. Email me and ask for a consultation. I’ll help you find the answers to your big questions of purpose, of the longing to break free of scripts that you no longer wish to follow.