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Stacee Reicherzer, PhD, appears in the media to guide people toward emotional freedom from the the baggage of yesterday and today. As an out and proud transgender woman, counselor educator, and sister and mentor to the many, Dr. Stacee provides clear answers to the complexities of 21st-century life.

Louis B. Free Show

A discussion with Dr. Stacee about Otherness and her latest book, The Healing Otherness Handbook.

PHL 17 Morning Show

Coping with Loneliness During the COVID Pandemic

The Underbelly Project

Dr. Stacee discusses the practice of compassion in a Wild and Precious conversation with Wendy Kiana Kelly.

The LGBTQ Voice

Dr. Stacee shares how Otherness became an area of professional focus, and other exciting, wonderful things.


In her article Healing and Moving Forward from the COVID-19 Pariah, Dr. Stacee writes about how to deal with the aftermath of having had Covid-19.

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